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best python course in pune

Python Course in pune

Python is a widely recognised programming language for web development. Python course in pune is an excellent choice for beginners to start with godigi infotech because it is a simple and extremely adaptable programming language. Python course covers the Python programming language in depth.

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Job Role

Python's extensive standard library and a vibrant community contribute to its popularity and continuous development. It is an excellent language for beginners due to its readability and friendly syntax, while also being widely used by professionals for complex applications.

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Godigi provides best python classes in pune which helps to create visually beautiful, user-friendly, and functioning websites that accomplish specific objectives.

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Training Key Feature

The Python course will teach you how to use Python, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap to create web apps, GUI applications, database applications, and software development.

Overview Of Python Course in pune

Python has gained widespread adoption in various domains, including web development, data analysis, machine learning, and automation.Many software applications and tools provide Python as a scripting language. It allows users to extend and customize the functionality of these applications using Python scripts.

Python's lightweight nature and availability of libraries make it suitable for IoT applications. python programming course in pune helps to write program and interact with embedded devices, collect sensor data, and control IoT systems.

To build a unified and intuitive interface, different components include:

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We will Cover

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Framework You will Learn







Advantages Of Web Designing Training

Certificate You Will Get

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Numerous advantages that can significantly improve your personal and professional growth are provided by Our certified courses. Our Certified courses in pune frequently feature a clear curriculum and are made to give thorough instruction, guaranteeing that you become knowledgeable and proficient in the field. Your employment prospects can be greatly improved by taking certified courses from one of the best institiute in pune . We can give you the credentials and specialised expertise that companies in particular fields or occupations are looking for.


History of Python, Python features: why choose python? Installing setup for Python, Understanding its working basic syntax, Difference between Python 2 & Python 3, Introduction to Git and GitHub, Understanding Python variables and its types, Python basic operators, Understanding python blocks.
Python Data Types
Declaring and using Numeric data types: int, float, complex using string data type and string operations, What is Operator? Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Assignment Operators, Bitwise Operators, Defining list and list slicing, Access, Update, Delete List, List max() method, List- min() Method, List count() method, List index() method, List append() method, List insert() method, List reverse() method, List sort() methodTuples: What is tuple? Accessing tuple, Use of Tuple data type and tuple methodsFunctions: definition and use, arguments, block structure, scope, recursion,Modules and import, Conditionals and Boolean expressions.
Python Program Flow Control
Conditional blocks using if, else and elif, Simple for loops in python, For loop using ranges, string, list and dictionaries, Use of while loops in python, Loop manipulation using pass, continue, break and else Break and Continue Statement in Python, Programming using Python conditional and loops block.
Python Functions, Modules and Packages
Organizing python codes using functions, Defining a function, Calling a function, Types of functions, Function Arguments, Anonymous functions, Global and local variablesOrganizing python projects into modules: Importing module, Math module, Random module, Packages, Composition, Importing own module as well as external modules,Understanding Packages, Powerful Lambda function in python, Programming using functions, modules and external packages.
Python File Operation
Reading config files in python, Writing log files in python, Understanding read functions, read(), readline() and readlines(), Understanding write functions, write() and writelines(), Manipulating file pointer using seek, Programming using file operations, Basic ff File Operation Methods, Create File, Reading File, Writing File, Appending Files.
Python Object Oriented Programming – OOPS
Concept of class, object and instances, Constructor, class attributes and destructors, Real time use of class in live projects, Inheritance, overlapping and overloading operators, Adding and retrieving dynamic attributes of classes, Programming using OOPS support.
Python Regular Expression
Powerful pattern matching and searching, Power of pattern searching using regex in python, Real time parsing of networking or system data using regex Password, email, url validation using regular expression, Pattern finding programs using regular expression.
Python Exception Handling
Avoiding code break using exception handling, Safeguarding file operation using exception handling, Handling and helping developer with error code, Programming using Exception handling, Except clause, Try, finally clause, User Defined Exceptions.
Python Database Interaction
SQL Database connection using python, Creating and searching tables, Reading and storing config information on database, Programming using database connections.
Python Multithreading
Understanding threads, Forking threads, Synchronizing the threads, Programming using multithreading.
Contacting User Through Emails Using Python
Installing SMTP python module, Sending email, Reading from file and sending emails to all users addressing them directly for marketing.
Python CGI Introduction
Writing python program for CGI applications, Creating menus and accessing files, Server client program.
Live Project
After learning this course, for better practices we will assign you a live project and you will get a better opportunity to work on a live project.
OOPs concept
Our trainers also teach you about soft skills, what skills you need to crack an interview, weekly we schedule Aptitude test base on web Development course and mock interview as industry.
Regular expressions
Match function, Search function, Matching VS Searching, Modifiers,Patterns.
Introduction, Architecture, CGI environment variable, GET and POST methods, Cookies, File upload.
Introduction, Connections, Executing queries, Transactions, Handling error.
Socket, Socket Module, Methods, Client and server, Internet modules.
Thread, Starting a thread, Threading module, Synchronizing threads, Multithreaded Priority Queue.
GUI Programming
Introduction, Tkinter programming, Tkinter widgets.
Live Project
After learning this course, for better practices we will assign you a live project and you will get a better opportunity to work on a live project.
Soft Skills, Mock Interview, Techniques and Aptitude Tests
Our trainers teach you about soft skills, what skills you need to crack an interview, weekly we schedule Aptitude test based on web designing course and mock interview as an industry.
Portfolio Creation
We teach you and we create your portfolio so you can show this about your professional journey.
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After Completion Of Python Course You Will Be Able To

Object-oriented programming in Python

File handling in Python

Python libraries for scientific computing and data analysis

Control statements in Python

Data types, operators, and expressions in Python

Functions and modules in Python

About Trainer

godigi trainer image

Snehal Kangde

Area of Experties PHP, Python, Codeignitor, Laravel, Rest API's

Experience: 8+ Years

About trainer: A qualified programmer with more than 8+ years of experience in the software development industry and training more than 1000 people. In her role as a trainer at GoDigi, she has instructed more than 1000 pupils in python development.

Covered Projects

Project 1

Customer Relation Module/ Content management System

  • Departement Management
  • Role Management
  • User Management
  • Prospect Management
  • Task Management
  • API Integration
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Reports System
  • GIT & GIT Hub

Project 2

E-Commerce Website with Advanced search Technique & Live Tracking

  • Products Management
  • Dynamic Filters
  • User Management
  • Cart Management
  • Orders Management
  • API Integration
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Reports System
  • GIT & GIT Hub

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