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best digital marketing course in pune

Digital Marketing Course in pune

As we know, nowadays Digital Marketing is one of the most important factors in the IT industry for branding the products. Digital marketing plays a vital and important role in different sector with different strategies. It helps in promoting, branding and advertising through media channel like TV, Radio, Internet in a short period of time with new and latest technologies. This Digital Marketing Course In pune will provide how to use tricks and use the latest techniques for digital marketing.

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Job Role

Digital Marketing course offers businesses numerous opportunities to reach and engage their target audience, drive brand awareness, and achieve their marketing objectives.

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The goal of Digital Marketing course is to provide a measurable and cost-effective way to promote products or services in the digital landscape.

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Training Key Feature

Successful Digital Marketing course requires a strategic approach, continuous monitoring, and adaptation to changing trends and consumer behaviors.

Overview Of Digital Marketing Course in pune

Digital Marketing certificate course offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive business growth. A successful digital marketing strategy typically involves a combination of these components, tailored to the specific goals and target audience of the business.

Digital Marketing certificate course helps you to connect with customers or clients, communicate with the clients, also it will help you to generate leads for the products. Digital Marketing Course helps you to brand or advertise products on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

To build a unified and intuitive interface, different components include:

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We will Cover

google ads logo
google analytics logo
google console logo
facebook logo
instagram logo
LinkedIn logo
pinterest logo

Technologies You will Learn

Social media marketing

Paid media marketing



Content Creation

Advantages Of Digital Marketing Training

Certificate You Will Get

godigi certificate image

Numerous advantages that can significantly improve your personal and professional growth are provided by Our certified courses. Our Certified courses in pune frequently feature a clear curriculum and are made to give thorough instruction, guaranteeing that you become knowledgeable and proficient in the field. Your employment prospects can be greatly improved by taking certified courses from one of the best institiute in pune . We can give you the credentials and specialised expertise that companies in particular fields or occupations are looking for.


What is digital marketing?
How is it different from traditional marketing?
ROI between Digital and traditional marketing?
Discussion on Ecommerce.
Discussion on new trends and current scenarios of the world?
Digital marketing a boon or a Bane?
How can digital marketing be a tool of success for companies?
Video on importance of digital marketing Analysis of recent info graphics released by companies about digital marketing?
How did digital marketing help the small companies and top inc
categorization of digital marketing for the business Diagnosis of the present website and business Swot analysis of business.
Present website and media or promotion plan.
Setting up vision,mission,and goals of digital marketing.
Understanding a website What is a website? Levels of websites?
Difference b/w Blog, Portal and Website?
Difference b/w websites either static or dynamic.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Website analytics, Keyword analytics, Competitors keywords analysis, SEO tools, Meta tag, Keyword planner tool, Google algorithm, How search engine works? Analytics of websites through various tools, Backlinks, On page optimization techniques, Off page optimization techniques, Reports.
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Introduction to Social media marketing, Advanced facebook marketing, Word press blog creation, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Google plus marketing, Social media analytical tools,Campaign, Ads manager.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Google adwords, Video marketing, PPC/Google adword tools, Display advertising, Google partner ads, Shopping network, Mobile app, Search engine/Display adword structure.
Search Media Optimization (SMO)
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Quara, Google plus.
Live Project
After learning this course, for better practices we will assign you a live project and you will get a better opportunity to work on a live project.
Soft Skills, Mock Interview, Techniques and Aptitude Tests
Our trainers teach you about soft skills, what skills you need to crack an interview, weekly we schedule Aptitude test based on web designing course and mock interview as an industry.
Portfolio Creation
We teach you and we create your portfolio so you can show this about your professional journey.
Download Syllabus

After Completion Of Digital Marketing Course You Will Be Able To

Do Online & Offline SEO

Do Competitive Analysis For Smarter Marketing

See tangible results by taking action throughout the entire course

Use all of the most popular social media platforms to grow your business

Use dozens of proven digital marketing strategies

Increase conversions and sales with real world techniques

About Trainer

godigi trainer image

Shubham Bhatnagar

Area of Experties Search Engine Optimization, Social media optimization

Experience: 2+ Years

About trainer: A qualified digital marketing expert with more than 2+ years of experience in the digital marketing industry and training more than 200 people. In his role as a trainer at GoDigi, he has instructed more than 200 pupils in digital marketing course.

Covered Projects

Project 1

On-page Search Engine Optimization

  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Keywords Writing
  • Content Writing
  • Canonical Tags
  • Site Maps

Project 2

Off-Page Social media Optimization

  • Social media optimization
  • Facebook Optimization
  • Instagram Optimization
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Youtube Handling
  • Other social media plateforms

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