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GoDigi InfoTech is India's Leading IT Training and Placement company which Offer 100% Job Guarantee with 1st Day Offer Letter, We have expertise in different-2 technologies.

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GoDigi InfoTech is one of the leading companies for Advance Training of various Programming Languages and technologies in the Software, Website and Mobile App Development Sector.

Professional Trainers

GoDigi InfoTech is know as Best Training Company in pune. We all have working professional trainers and they follow 90% practical and 10% theory method. Our objective is to provide Real World Experience.

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We are the Best IT Training and Placement Company in Pune. We provide all IT Training Courses for freshers as well as for working professionals with opportunity to work on live projet. GoDigi InfoTech is a company started by a group of professionals with vision to excel in the field of IT and IT Related Services, like Training, Software Development, Web Designing , Web Development, Consultancy, Placements etc. We consult our students for career better opportunities and We support for long time even they placed in their dream company. Our all trainers are working and professional trainers. Our objective is to provide Real World Experience.


Corporate Training ByProfessional Trainers

GoDigi InfoTech care for quality of Education and Training. All GoDigi InfoTech trainers are fully qualified, working and highly experienced in their respective fields. We work with latest technology by using latest IT Tools by expert trainers. We train our students and offer solutions as per the requirement of the companies.

All Courses Courses we Offer

We offer all kind of IT training which helps you to graw your career in different-different technologies. We guide you right way for your career. We provides IT Training programs which suits all your need whether you are fresher or working professional with latest technologies.

Web Designing

Web designing is the process of planning, designing & implementing on websites. Website designing involves information architecture with different layouts, website structure according to devices, user interface, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts, responsive and browser supportive.

Web Development

Web Development is the most important skill that company/employers are looking for in candidates because of Digital Worlds. If you want to build large companies and businesses which relate with the general masses and play a pivotal role in the growth and progress of a company than you have to build dynamic website for manage you business online.


Real Time Angular JS and their versions Training with lots of real time scenarios from a expet trainer, working in MNC Company. Also you will get good opportunities to work on live project.

Advance PHP

PHP is the most relevant and most used powerfu programming language for building and developing larg skill projects. It is a dynamic web development language that can be used for scripting web pages, dynamic web pages, validiting web pages and also for general purposes programming.

Advance Java

To become very familiar with the features of Java language from start to end, To discover how to write Java code according to Object-Oriented Programming principles, coading standard to developing a larg skills application.


Dept knowledge of C and C++ Programming with Hands On Lab Practices, GoDigi InfoTech is Known as A Best Training Institute In Pune.

Software Testing

Testing plays a very important role in the IT development process. In IT there is demand for Manual Testing professionals in any industry. And that is why, we offer and train in the best Manual and Automation Testing Training course in Pune.


From last few days Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language. Python supports almost all multiple programming paradigms. It's including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is technique, it has been available since the beginning of the internet era in world wide. It is known as either online marketing or internet marketing. Digital Marketing describe your business to people on internet.


Codeigniter is an MVC Framework. While building a web application you have to do a lot of coding but by using frameworks you can reuse the code. Codeigniter is used in web development to create web applications. As Codeigniter is open source, you can use its libraries plug-in’s, helpers and other resources for free. Codeigniter is a very easy framework as it follows oops concepts.

React JS

React JS is JavaScript library. As React JS is an open-source libarary which is used for building user interface. You can build UI components using react tool. By using react js you can develop single page application, mobile applications.


Laravel is a very free open source in PHP Framework which is created by Taylor Otwell. It is also the development of web applications in the model view controller(MVC) along with the pattern. It is based on Symfony. The code which is used by laravel is hosted on GitHub licensed too in the terms of MIT license. It also allows creating a database table which gives lots of practical knowledge and the latest techniques.

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