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Codeigniter Course

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Codeigniter is an MVC Framework. While building a web application you have to do a lot of coding but by using frameworks you can reuse the code. Codeigniter is used in web development to create web applications. As Codeigniter is open source, you can use its libraries plug-in’s, helpers and other resources for free. Codeigniter is a very easy framework as it follows oops concepts. In Codeigniter there is database API from which you can perform SQL queries such as INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE. Codeigniter is best for e-commerce websites as it contains the cart library.

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We don't just build websites, we build websites that SELLSWhy Codeigniter Course is Important?

Codeigniter has a lot of scopes as it follows object-oriented concepts, Model-View-Controller structure which helps to build web applications in web development easily. Nowadays security of applications is one of the most important factors in web applications, this course will give overall coverage of Security and XSS filtering for your applications.
As CodeIgniter is open source, CodeIgniter course will provide how to use its libraries, classes for free to develop e-commerce websites. To develop web applications student must have knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, PHP and Codeigniter.
Those students have a lack of knowledge will not survive in the industry, so that it is necessary to learn an advanced concept of web development.

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After completion of codeigniter course you will be able to

  • Design fully responsive web pages using HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap4.
  • Develop dynamic and interactive web-pages using HTML5, CSS3, java Script, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, PHP and Codeigniter.
  • Create modern dynamic web pages and web interface.
  • Develop Web Based applications like CRM, CMS etc.
  • Good command on Database Queries.

Technologies you will learn HTML5, CSS3, java Script, jQuery, Ajex, Bootstrap, PHP and Codeigniter

  • Develop web pages dynamically and more innovatively
  • Design fully responsive websites
  • Create GUI for the applications
  • Design interactive sliders using java script and jQuery

Codeigniter Course Syllabus

Topics covered in Codeigniter Course
Introduction What is CI? Its importance, Why CI?
Environment Initial Setup and Configuration, Database Connectivity & Configuration, Explanation of MVC Architecture.
Codeigniter – MVC Framework & Codeigniter – Basic Concepts Controllers, Views, Models, Helpers, Routing.
First CI Application Loader, Class, Libraries, Creating Static Pages, Creating First Controller, Model & View.
Codeigniter – Configuration Configuring Base URL CodeIgniter URLs, URI Routing, Passing Parameters in URLs, URI Class.
Autoload functions and reserved names
Database Connecting to a Database, Database Configuration, Running Queries: Inserting a Record, Updating a Record, Deleting a Record, Selecting a Record, Generating Query Results, Query Helper Functions, Closing a Connection.
Form Handling Input Class, Form Validation Class, File Uploading Class, Security Class, Page Redirection.
Helper Functions Cookie Helper, Date Helper, Download Helper, URL Helper.
Codeigniter – Libraries Library Classes Creating Libraries.
Error Handling
File Uploading
Session Management Session Class, Session handling,
Sending Email Sending Emails using CI, SMTP, Google.
Pagination Class Page Caching, Page Redirection, Pagination of large data.
Form Validation
Image Manipulation Class Resize Image, Aspect Ratio.
Cart Class Simple shopping cart example.
User Agent Class Identify user agent and display browser specific view.
Zip Encoding Class Create Zip files, Unzip files.
Codeigniter – Security Xss Prevention SQL Injection Prevention, PHP Errors, CSRF Prevention, Password Handling.
Cookie Management
Common Functions

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