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Laravel Course

We are best Laravel Course Training Institute in Pune

Laravel is a very free open source in PHP Framework which is created by Taylor Otwell. It is also the development of web applications in the model view controller(MVC) along with the pattern. It is based on Symfony. The code which is used by laravel is hosted on GitHub licensed too in the terms of MIT license. It also allows creating a database table which gives lots of practical knowledge and the latest techniques.

Laravel Training | GoDigi InfoTech

We don't just build websites, we build websites that SELLSWhy Laravel Course is Important?

Laravel allows us to create a database table and benefit of laravel is helps to control the database. Laravel facilitates unit testing and runs hundreds of tests after that ensure that new changes which is don’t unexpectedly break an application.
GoDigi infotech gives a better platform in laravel. We give lots of practical knowledge and techniques which can be used in further.

Why GoDigi InfoTech ?

After completion of Laravel course you will be able to

  • Design fully responsive web pages using HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap4.
  • Develop dynamic and interactive web-pages using HTML5, CSS3, Java Script and jQuery.
  • Create modern web pages and web interface.
  • Develop interactivity sliders with jQuery.
  • Develop mobile websites.

Technologies you will learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery & Bootstrap

  • Design web pages dynamically and more innovatively
  • Design fully responsive websites
  • Create GUI for the applications
  • Design interactive sliders using java script and jQuery
  • Design dynamic effacts
  • Dynamic browser games

Laravel Course Syllabus

Topics covered in Laravel Course
Overview Introduction, Laravel Features.
Laravel installation Application structure of laravel, Root Directory, App Directory.
Configuration Basic Configuration, Environmental Configuration, Database Configuration, Naming the Application, Maintenance Mode.
Routing Basic Routing, Routing Parameters.
Middleware Define Middleware, Register Middleware, Middleware Parameters, Terminable Middleware.
Controllers Basic Controllers, Controller Middleware, Restful Resource Controllers, Implicit Controllers, Constructor Injection, Method Injection.
Request Retrieving the Request URI, Retrieving Input.
Cookie Creating Cookie, Retrieving Cookie.
Response Basic Response, Attaching Headers, Attaching Cookies, JSON Response.
Views Understanding Views, Passing Data to Views, Sharing Data with all Views, Blade Templates.
Redirections Redirecting to Named Routes, Redirecting to Controller Actions.
Working With Database Connecting to Database, Insert Records, Retrieve Records, Update Records, Delete Records.
Errors And Logging Errors Logging
Forms Localization Session Accessing Session Data, Storing Session Data, Deleting Session Data.
File Uploading
Sending Email
Error Handling
Http Exceptions Servlet Interaction & Adv
Event Handling
Facades Security

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