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Angular 7 Training Course

We are Best Angular 7 course training institute in Pune.

Angular 7 is based on Javascript which is an open source front-end Framework. It is maintained by Google with the help of the community of each individual and address too many of challenges in developing Single page application. Angular 7 is a framework for dynamic web pages. It includes Angular JS, Designers like HTML s the template and extension of HTML’s Syntax to the application.

Angular 7 Training | GoDigi InfoTech

Why Angular 7 Course is Important?

Angular 7 uses dependency injection and play a dynamic role in web apps with the help of Angular JS, use of HTML as a template language, etc. It is having a capability to create a single page and its application is a very clean as well as maintainable way. It provides data binding capability to HTML and also allows for the extension of HTML's syntax with the help of applications.
Those students have a lack of knowledge or failure will not survive in the organization, in that case, it is necessary to learn and increase your knowledge with the advanced concept of Angular 7.

Why GoDigi InfoTech ?

After completion of Angular 7 course you will be able to

  • Design fully responsive web pages using HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap4.
  • Develop dynamic and interactive web-pages using HTML5, CSS3, Java Script and jQuery.
  • Create modern web pages and web interface.
  • Develop interactivity sliders with jQuery.
  • Develop mobile websites.

Technologies you will learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery & Bootstrap

  • Design web pages dynamically and more innovatively
  • Design fully responsive websites
  • Create GUI for the applications
  • Design interactive sliders using java script and jQuery
  • Design dynamic effacts
  • Dynamic browser games

Angular 7 Course Syllabus

Topics covered in Angular 7 Course
Introduction Basics of Graphics, Scope and Opportunities, Typography, Color Harmony, Color Wheel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Brand Development, Logo Development, Emblem Development, Icon Development, Small Ads, Cards, Paper Ads, Brochure Development, Web Banner, Responsive Web Pages, Current Technologies used for web Development, graph ratio of technologies, types of web pages.
Angular 7 What is Angular 7? Difference between Angular 2.0 vs 7.0, Angular CLI and Troubleshooting, Node JavaScript Introduction, Setup a Project, Setup Node js with angular 7, Typescript Introduction, What is bootstrap? Create Your Fist App.
Modules and Components What is Component in Angular 7, What is Module in Angular 7, Create and Start Component, Why Component are important, How we create a component, Create Component using CLI, What is nesting Component, What is Component Template, Component Styles and Selectors.
Data binding in Angular 7 What is Data binding, Splitting Application into Component, String Interpolation, What is Property Binding, Difference between Property Binding and String Interpolation, Binding with Custom Events, What are Binding Properties and Events, Two Way binding, Combine Forms with Data binding, Custom Properties, What is Encapsulation, How to Use Local Reference in Templates, Template Access and DOM, Component Lifecycle, What is Hooks in Angular 7 Access Template with Hooks.
Directives in Angular 7 What is Directives, Using Output Data Conditionally, What is nglf and else condition, Output List, Styling Element with ngStyle, How to apply css class dynamically with angular 7, How to Create Basic Attribute Directive, What is Renderer, What is HostBinding and HostListener, Directive Properties, ngSwitch.
Dependency Injections in Angular 7 What is Dependency Injection, What is Services, Logging Service and Injection, Create Data Service, Instance of Services, Insert Service into Services, How to use service in Cross Component, What is Hierarchical Injector?
Routing What is Routing? Loading of Routes, Navigation and it path, Styling of Router Links, Relative Path Navigation, Define parameter in Routing, Fetch Routing Parameter, Observables, Passing & Retrieving Parameters & Fragments, Nested Routing, Config Query Parameters, Redirection Routes, Route configuration, Route Guards, Protect Routes with canActivate, Navigation Controlling, Static Data in Route, Location Strategies.
Forms What is Forms and how we handle it? Reactive Approach, Template Driven, Create Template Driven Forms, What is Registering Control, Use and Submit of Forms, Access of Forms, How to add validation in use input, Build-In Validation, HTML5 Validation, Output Validation and Error Messages, Two Way Binding, Grouping, Radio Button Handling, Patch Forms Values, Resetting Templates form Forms.
Reactive Forms What is Reactive Forms, Create Reactive form through code, Syncing of HTML and Form, Addding Validation, Sumit Forms, Grouping, Form Control Arrays, Custom Validators, Relative Forms, Async validation, Value changes and Reacting to status.
Pipes What is Pipes in Angular 7, How we use pipes, Chaining Multiple pipes in angular 7, parameter zing a pipe, Filter Pipe, Impure & Pure Pipe a sync Pipes.
HTTP Request What is HTTP Requests, How it work, How to send requests, Adjusting Request Headers, How to handle Get and Put Request, Catching HTTP Error, async with HTTP Requests.
Authentication What is Authentication, How Authentication Work, Introduction to JSON Web Tokens, Creating Page and Route, Firebase SDK, User Signing UP and In, Sending Token & Requiring, Authentication Status, How to add Logout button, Protection & Redirection of Route.
Angular Modules What is idea behind Modules, What is feature Modules and how we create it, What is App Modules, Registering Routes in Feature Modules, What is Shared Module and how we create, Create the Auth Feature module, What is Lazy Loading, How to Modules & Services works, What is Core Module, How to Create Basic Core Module, AoT Compilation with CLI.
HTTP Client What is HttpClient and how we unlock it, Request Configuration with Response, Request Events, Set up Headers, HTTP Parameters, Progress, What is Interceptors, Modify Request in Interceptors, Multiple Interceptors.
Animation What is Angular Animations, Triggers and State, Switch between States, Basic and Advanced Transitions, What is void state, Key frames in animation, Grouping, Animation Call-back.
Unit Testing What is Unit Testing, How to Analyze CLI Testing Setup, Running Test with CLI, Components and dependencies, Async Tasks, Adding Component with tests, Difference between Isolated and Non-isolated Tests.

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